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The Home Of The Vertical Blind Tie Back!

What is it? In essence, a new product for the market – never before has there been a vertical blind tie back! The worlds first patent granted.

Yes curtains have always been tied back, and you probably couldn’t live without those these days – so why can’t blinds be tied back?

We have all been there, on a warm day with the window open, and the verticals are blowing in the wind? Well the Louvretie prevents this, ensuring you go From Blinds That Sway, To Blinds That Stay!

Easily fitted using screws and plugs or the adhesive pad supplied in all our packs, you can use them for vertical blinds fitted inside (LVT1) or without a recess (LVT2) with the addition of our mounting plate attachment.

Suiting both 89mm and 127mm blinds the Louvretie holds up to 30 blind panels. For very large patio blinds with up to 50 vertical blind panels we have a larger option, LVT3 or Louvretie Large.

We now have a brand new product that combines a child safety device with a louvretie that is clear and fits both inside and outside a recess and fits upto 50 panels. look for the Louvretie Safety System LVT SS.




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Showing all 10 results