Manchester Inventors Group September 6th 2011

Louvrtie U.K. presents


Performing Live in Manchester, England.

Davy Louvre and his tie backing band consisting of Mk1, 2 and 3 prefer to be called a range rather than a band. Their unique style of Stay and Sway is the new wave Rock n Roll that is sweeping the nation and gathering interest worldwide. Don’t miss the chance to join with them on the

Inventors Infinity Highway Tour Becker Room, First Floor, Elliot House, 151 Deansgate M3 3WD Tuesday 6 September 6pm ~ 7.45pm

The range will be revisiting classics in an alternative exploration of themes such as

  • Not Blowing in the Wind

  • Stuck on You

  • Cord and Chain of Fools

  • The Universal

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In Association with The Intellectual Property Office

Sponsored by Keith Lemons Bang Tidy Blinds.

North West Inventors Expo 2011

This years Expo took place at the Aldridge Community Academy in Darwen Lanacashire, soon to be officially opened by Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The event is hosted by Ideas Northwest and was supported by Forbes solicitors and Natwest bank.

The variety of inventions on display provided interest for anyone attending, and the sound advice and help on offer from patent agents, business advisors resulted in a worthwile day for everyone connected.

Throughout the day, guest speakers took to the podium to offer an insight into areas such as contract law with reference to research and development partnerships, and free workshops were available with the on hand patent agents, Janet Bray, and the Manchester Inventors forum, amongst them. Dick West gave an insight into the journey through the development and notable success of his teams realisation of a modern, more efficient turbine system for use in power stations across the world and Paul White and Phillip Bazil of Regenerate Pennine Lancashire provided support and advice into for inventors looking to turn their ideas into cash.

Amongst the stands were new designs for bycicles, a bead blasting gun for removing graffiti, the louvretie, and a poop scooper. Companies offered advice on working with manufacturers in the Far East, rapid prototyping and design.

Louvretie U.K. had a stand and for the first time created a display that would help to enhance the concept it has tried to promote. With thanks to a work collegue Mick a fantastic joiner, the stand was good enough to hold two sets of blinds that provided examples of the different ways in which the blinds can be fitted. Two patents were on display as well as packaged products, published editorial and advertisements and an award for being a showcase invention from the past Exposition.

From the comments made by the general public it is clear to see that the louvretie products are gaining popularity and are usually reffered to as the simple idea “its always the simple ideas” as one lady put it, “what a good idea”.