LVT3 Fitting

This is the most secure and largest Tie Back and can be fixed within or without a recess. Designed to hold in excess of 30 blind panels.

When fixed to the surrounding window structure carefully place the pulley chords inside the separate compartments for added safety. Length 5 in, width 1.5 in, depth including cord compartment 1.25 in. Suited to large patio entrances, conservatories, Public buildings. Use screws and plugs or the adhesive squares provided.

Video Example

We have loaded a handy video example of fitting below:

Hints & Tips

We have compiled some handy tips for you below, for fitting LouvreTies:

  • On large structures it may be necessary to use two holders, particularly if there is a door that is opened regularly. Fix them at one third and two thirds the height of the blind.
  • Usually conservatories are constructed of PVC. The adhesive option is preferred.
  • On heavy verticals its best to place the holder just below half the height of the blind, closer to the weights at the bottom so as to minimise stress.
  • The adhesive provided forms a strong bond with wood,plastic,metal,plaster.