LVT1 Fitting

The Louvretie vertical blind holder can be used in two seperate applications and can be either screw or adhesive fixed to the surrounding window/entrance structure.

Application 1 Inside a recess

Download Fitting Instructions (PDF)

In most cases vertical blinds hang from a head rail inside a window recess. In this case the holder is simply screw or adhesive fixed to the inside of the recess.

Hints and Tips:

  • On large structures it may be necessary to use two holders, particularly if there is a door that is opened regularly. Fix them at one third and two thirds the height of the blind.
  • Usually conservatories are constructed of PVC. The adhesive option is preferred.
  • On heavy verticals its best to place the holder just below half the height of the blind, closer to the weights at the bottom so as to minimise stress.
  • The adhesive provided forms a strong bond with wood,plastic,metal,plaster.
  • Fix the product pointing towards the window so that if windows are open the blinds are held better.
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