LVT2 Fitting

The Louvretie vertical blind holder can be used in two seperate applications and can be either screw or adhesive fixed to the surrounding window/entrance structure.

Application 2 Without a recess

Download Fitting Instructions (PDF)

In some cases such as in conservatories or entrances the vertical blinds hang from a head rail that is fitted to a surrounding structure with no recess. In such cases the holder is clipped into a mounting plate and subsequently attached to the surrounding structure using the surface of the mounting plate. The attached holder is now at 90 degrees to the wall and performs in exactly the same way as in application 1.

Hints and Tips:

  • On large structures it may be necessary to use two holders, particularly if there is a door that is opened regularly. Fix them at one third and two thirds the height of the blind.
  • Usually conservatories are constructed of PVC. The adhesive option is preferred.
  • On heavy verticals its best to place the holder just below half the height of the blind, closer to the weights at the bottom so as to minimise stress.
  • The adhesive provided forms a strong bond with wood,plastic,metal,plaster.
  • Fix the product pointing towards the window so that if windows are open the blinds are held better.
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